Bringing Energy Freedom to the West

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the delivery of low-cost electricity and energy freedom to the West through an efficient and integrated grid system.

The Opportunity

Rapid advances in energy technology have created a historic opportunity in the West for tens of millions of dollars in savings for energy consumers, hundreds of billions of dollars of new investments, millions of new jobs, widespread financial recovery for struggling communities, and a bold declaration that the West is open for business.

The approach

Western Freedom is building a broad coalition of grassroots and grasstops support - with real, practical political power - to drive policy, legislative, and regulatory changes that enable electricity customers and ratepayers in western states to access more affordable and cleaner energy.

The Benefits

With a more efficient and transparent grid, communities and customers across the West will see lower electricity rates, local economic development opportunities and job creation, and renewable energy projects that will provide additional property tax base and lower emissions. Communities will be able to offer development incentives and provide power options that will enable the governments and their citizens and businesses to achieve their clean energy goals.

The Coalition

We are bringing large industrial customers in sectors such as technology, oil & gas, mining, renewable energy, agriculture, and entertainment together to join forces with economic development and commerce organizations, environmental advocacy groups, local and state governments, labor and more.

We will build on the efforts and ideas of government leaders, clean energy advocates, academic institutions, and others who have demonstrated why this is necessary and how it is possible, adding the strength and power of western businesses, communities, and individuals.

Together, this coalition will support and advocate for the changes necessary to achieve the energy freedom necessary to create a more affordable, efficient, clean energy future and realize the full extent of the opportunity in front of us.

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